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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

b3st fri3nds,pt 16

tina swerved through a network of cars and trucks.she weaved in and out of the expressway traffic like a nascar pro.she had always complained about not liking to drive on the highway.this change of fate made her appreciate extreme speed.gail.she could get to her place fastest from the express.she could loose william and be there in 5 min.she tried to reach into the dash for her cheap back up phone.the pain in her arm was incredible as she tried to move.she looked at the dash.she was doing 70 with ease.she looked in the rear view.he was gone.''thank u,''she mumbled,relieved at william's absence.she pulled off at the exit to gail's and stopped the car.she got out her phone in pain,turned it on and called her friend.''hell naw,girl,wher you been?''''I NEED YOUR HELP!YOU AT HOME!?''''wat's wrong tee?!yeah i'm like two minutes away.i'll be there!''tina hung up and tossed the phone on the seat.she sped off towards bond hill and her friend.''oh...this shit hurts.''she said touching her arm gingerly.what could she say to gail?the truth or a well thought out lie?either way would be a challenge.she knew that gail understood how she felt about william.but to talk murder was talking a chance.her mind raced as she got closer...

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