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Monday, January 3, 2011

b3st fri3nds,pt 3

that's when the world stopped turning.the exact moment when tina andrews new that life as it existed for her was about to end.she heard her husbands keys in the door.''FUCK,FUCK!''she jumped up and ran to the living room hoping to stop the was to late.before she made it to the door he came in.she stood before him naked and ashamed.william held a bouquet of roses in his hand and a bottle of wine under his arm.she breathed deeply waiting for the torrent of accusations to fly.''sorry to scare you baby,but guess wat?that account we landed last month with texco softened steve up and i got a raise!''he walked over to his sexy wife and kissed her full on the mouth.he stuck his tongue in and swirled it with hers in the manner which he always did.''baby i always wondered wat you did while i was at i see.flickin the knob huh?''he kicked the door closed with his foot and headed for the kitchen.she stood in shock amazed that he didn't expect anything.either she was dreaming and had already been shot or this was his sick form of torture.her mind was a million miles away from the wet dicked man in their the time she snapped back,william was walking in with glasses.the pop of the cork sent foam spraying...

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