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Monday, January 3, 2011

the apprentice,pt 3

the morning sun felt wonderful and the smell of the woods was a succulent inhaled the scene and leaned on a wooden rail.he'd been gone only a couple of days and he missed the sights and sounds of the city.but he needed this.the warm hands and arms of a woman embraced his waist.''tell me why i'm here again.''he turned and looked into her eyes.''because you're tired and i need you.and i promised to always be there when you needed me.''sherry smiled up at him.she melted into his chest and fought the tears that threatened to fall.''ten years,''she said softly.''he promised me forever and all i got was ten years.''she kissed chase gingerly on his neck.he leaned down and found her soft lips.they kissed hungrily and deep.he pulled up her t-shirt and cupped her thick ass.she wrapped her legs around him and reached down to unbutton his turned and sat her on the balcony rail.his pants fell.sherry rubbed his hard shaft and pulled him close with her legs.he slowly inched inside her and started to move.she moaned with every stroke.she held onto his shoulders and pumped back.''i've always loved you.even when i was with him.''the words banged in his head like marbles.they made love as the warm sun bathed them...

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