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Monday, January 24, 2011

b3st fri3nds,pt 14

there was just no way she could look at the carnage in front of her.the ring of red was growing around vince's body.she knew that if she moved to much william would pick her off like a scared rabbit.the way out had to be fast and easy.something that would help her stay out of the line of fire.she leaned against the wall and then crawled on her knees under the window.she stayed low and crawled past the body of her lover.she started whimpering as she moved towards the bedroom door.the sound of glass breaking made her stop.she felt wetness pop onto her pants.she looked down thinking she was hit.another bullet hit the body spraying her with blood.she screamed and scrambled out of the room.she sat against the wall and tried to control her breathing.that's when she heard her phone was on the her heart she hoped it was her girlfriend darla.she would help.she took a deep suck of air and ran into the living room.she fell on the floor by the sofa and grabbed her phone.private number.''hello?!''she whispered.a long pause.''are you scared,bitch?you should be.imma do all i can to kill yo stank azz!''she threw the phone down and ran to the front door.she snatched it open and ran out to her car in the driveway...

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