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Monday, January 3, 2011

karma: sonata in F minor

so you say it doesn't feel right?...seems as though the arguments and little quirks have grown into big and then bigger things.funny how the novelty wears off and you yearn for what was once good....that seems to be what we had.he doesn't have time like before,the way he looks at you is normal now~the seductive glance has oozed into a filtered down stare.not even a smile.the sighs of your first born tell you that the grass isn't green.the cries of what you bore for him causes anger and bitterness...yet you manage to tell me.the concern you look for is absent ~you no longer register as the apple of my eye.that feeling died when you conceived for him.i felt it,sensed it in my soul as it was ripped to ask for advice...that's for the leader of your new family...and it only gets worse.i revel in the sound of your helpless chose your poison and drank it in delight...i refuse to be the antidote.


  1. I like this, it was very good!

  2. It has rhythm! I guess nobody wants to be the antidote for others' poison, it's true. We risk to be poisoned ourselves.

    Keep up with the good work, Allan.