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Monday, January 17, 2011

b3st fri3nds,pt 10

''is that wat you want?an evil lover killin all that get in my way?''vince pushed her legs back and began to lick and slurp her kitty.she moaned in enjoyment as he serviced her needs.''git that shit, my pussy rite.''vince looked up with a wet smile.''in that case,let's move to the bedroom.''tina hopped down and ran through the kitchen as vince followed laughing.the fun stopped when they realized something was wrong.''where is he?''tina snapped.''where the fuck is william?!''she was trying to stay calm and her voice was cracking as she talked.''he was here.''she fell on her knees and looked under the bed.then she made her way to the closet and bathroom.''YOU DUMBAZZ!how you loose a dead man?!''vince scratched his head.''well baby i never said he was dead.just out.''as she paced,tina swore and clenched her fists.''shit,shit,shit!you know wat this means?...that crazy fuck will try somethin!''''boo bear he ain't gonna do a thing.i know him.he'll tuck his tail and run.he's always been like that.a scared lil coward.''tina plopped on the bed shaking.''he's gotta be in this house.i didn't hear the car start or the door close.''vince looked at his sexy friend and thought about screwing her.the anger turned him on..

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