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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

she wearin dem fuck me shoes

laced up tight,the fit so right...they put a bend in her knee and a swish,swish sway in her walk.a head turner,neck breaker moving like jello and making inches grow~the chocolate dolly i order two chocolate tai's and wonder my oh my will i be able to see thighs high?thick and loaded~like the potatoes i adore,i look at them once more.they scream obscenities to my libido and i listen to their i ask for a chance to see them work...her work~sorry,is it the shoes?hell yeah...but she succumbs to my groupie status and we're off.the iron chariot takes us higher and higher until we reach the penthouse.her den of pleasure.she peels off her skin and glows like the desire in my loins...she mounts me like a cowgirl and i watch in it the shoes?i release one...two...three because she got that ass on me~so i kiss them and that fills the stilleto gumdrops with glee.she works and works until a puddle forms~the kind she can't and won't step in...they're red like the slap marks on her bum.she wiggles with contentment as i stroke the leather queens.

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