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Monday, January 17, 2011

the apprentice,pt 10

that name just didn't have the same effect that it used to.if the man was around,he'd deal with was time to put the baby to sleep.tamika was just as much to blame as he was.but his dick was the guilty party that couldn't be tried.''hmmm so the old man is doin some work again?fuck it.glad to see he's keepin busy.''angela looked at him and squinted her eyes.''you're kiddin rite?all the shit i heard about u and his daughter,him wantin to get you black balled...''chase turned his attention to the crime scene.''wat is it with people and MY life?''he asked out loud.''dam.''''look anderson,all i'm doin is runnin interference.i coulda let ya black azz jus run into a brick wall.yeah i heard shit bout's all over the place.but don't get cha panties wet cause i offered to help.''blaque turned away.''some people have your best in mind.learn to fuckin see it.''the words pierced his mind as he listened to the leaves and twigs crunch under her feet.this wasn't the place.he scanned the grounds.blood,flesh and bone fragments littered the landscape.most had been tagged and numbered.yet he saw pieces that were to small to mark.he was about to turn when something caught the was bright and silver under the foliage...

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