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Thursday, January 27, 2011

the apprentice,pt 17

sherry wasn't going to stop,but the crows feasting on a body made her pull over.she calmly took out her glock and opened the door.she looked all around.before she stepped to the body.the trucker's head lay open like a watermelon.the birds spread their wings and fought over brain matter and flesh.she put a hand over her face and moved to the diner.she took a deep breath,braced herself,and pushed through the door.angie lay in the same spot.smoke had started to pour from the kitchen.sherry walked around the counter to see the owner's smoking head and the body in a pool of blood.the smoke detector snapped on and made her swing in that direction.she heard a faint cry.she kept the gun trained ahead as she walked back into the serving area.another whimper.she moved to angie's body.''plee....hel me.''came faint words.she put her weapon away and crouched over the woman.her back was drenched in red.''hang on sweetie.''her phone rang and she snatched it up.''need a favor,lady,''chase asked smoothly.''this is bad,real bad.''anderson got up and moved to the exit as he spoke.''wats wrong?hubby?''''no,bay,how fast can you get to the potluck diner?''chase was already starting the cobra.he peeled into traffic.''consider me there.''...

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