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Thursday, December 30, 2010

the apprentice,pt 1

the blood smelled sweet and made john smile as he inhaled deeply.''don't it smell good?don't it jus make ya wanna...i don't know,gulp it down like sweet tea?''he made the analogy while billy slowly sawed off the unconscious woman's hand.she lay naked and covered in mud from her struggle to escape.they had found her walking across the clay wade bridge.she needed a ride and they were eager to help.''don't be so fuckin hasty,''he instructed.''you ain't feelin it.i can tell.think about screwin that ho with each slice.''billy closed his eyes and imagined the scene.his movements became sensual and deliberate.''that's it!THAT'S IT!...feel that shit.''john rubbed his dick through his jeans as he watched.''like this ol man?''before an answer came,the woman snapped up into a sitting position,screaming and shouting.''NO NO NO!PLEEEEASE WHY?!!''with ease and precision,john picked up an one swift smooth motion,he buried it in the woman's throat.she gurgled,shook and spewed up blood,dark and thick under the pale moonlight.her eyes rolled back as she fell to her side.she spasmed and made one last attempt at breathing.billy looked up from his knees at john holding the axe.''that... shit...was AWESOME!''''all in the wrists kid.''...

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