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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

broken teddybear

time marches forward mocking my ability to was just yesterday that my senses drowned in the newness of your fit in the bend of my arm and i marveled at the wonderment of God and how i was replicated...tiny yet awesome,you changed the way i longer was my life mine,it belonged to you and the path you would choose~my short term destiny was to nurture myself once more...yet from your eyes.tick,tock goes the clock as my seed grows like weeds.mature and strong you stand,confident in all that you've been taught~rebellious and in so many ways nay uniquely your fancy turns to times yet to pass and i yearn for the chance to hold you,twice removed,once again.can i turn back the sands of time?can i pluck the memories of your first steps from vintage cells?i'm powerless but blessed to have the gift of you.


  1. This is soooo touching. It almost brings me to tears remembering the 1st time I held my newborn. The miracle of a child is truly something to behold.

  2. Awe is that about your son? That's very sweet

  3. As a young woman I have not had the experience of holding my own child yet...but as I read and reread this piece of beautiful writing, I can imagine that day more and more!!!

  4. @RAINEC thank you so much!my son is a grown man now,cofident in all his ways...yet he'll always be that small helpless child in the recesses of my heart.he made me realize that it wasn't about what i wanted but what he needed.