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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

ravine hill,pt 11

''I THOUGHT U WERE...''ann said in relief.she hugged her husband despite the stench from the dead creature.''me too...this house...this's foul.we have to leave.''ann cleaned his face and shook the putrid thickness from her hands.''how?we've tried never stops.''leon looked at her silently.''i was dreaming while that thing was on my face.this sickness,the ravage or whatever,it feeds from the living can't tell it's there unless you doubt it.''''but what is it?a virus.'''' how a cold gets worse before it leaves?kinda like that.''ann brushed her hands on her clothes.''so wat we need to do?''leon stood slowly.he rubbed his face on his shirt.''we gotta attack it from the inside.''his wife looked up at him with concern and fear.they had tried stopping the ravage,with no success,like normal leon stood before her talking in riddles.she was frustrated and tired.''our child is dead.and now you say we need to attack this thing like a cold?why couldn't you think of this before?!''''shit i didn't know until almost suffocated me.what's wrong with you?''ann buried her face in her hands and started to cry heavily and loud.leon wanted to hold her but hesitated...

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