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Friday, February 4, 2011

ravine hill,pt 12

he looked at her was smoking and starting to char.ann looked up at him with pitch black eye sockets.the children began to sing again.''thirteen hundred ravine hill muthafucker!''came a deep scratchy voice from his wife.''he was a shit fa brains mortician that did his work while they were still alive!hee-hee.the embalming fluid ran through their veins and he watched while they is he who flows within the walls of this place...and you cannot stop him!hee-hee!''leon looked at ann as her skin continued to burn and her teeth grew to needle sharpness.''leave her.leave my wife alone...i believe.''''WAT DO YOU BELIEVE FOUL FLESH?!you know not of the one we serve.this house was his and shall always be!''leon slowly opened the hatch and prepared to make his move to escape the attic.the hollow eyes followed his every move and the children sang.he heard the sound of hands clapping a rhythm with the song.he looked towards the sound and saw three children playing.their faces and bodies mutilated and bloody.''no one is immune from the ravage,''the voice said.''you will fade into the history of this house like all others.''leon let the hatch down and jumped through the door.''come play wit me bitch.''...

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