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Saturday, February 12, 2011

the apprentice,pt 25

nadine screamed as the blood from billy trickled down her face.''i'll only ask you one time.shut the fuck's only a little or die?''the woman looked at john as she sniffed and shivered trying to settle down.''what?''john aimed the gun at her face as he stood over her.''i'm sorry.let me clarify that.RIDE OR DIE?!''''ride!ride!''''then move ya my calculations we've got about half an hour.''''wat?to do wat?!''he grabbed the woman by her arm and pulled her behind him.he turned and looked at billy's body one last time.''i've given you wat you could never get in life...respect and fame.''he put the gun in his pocket and pushed nadine out the door.a few people looked out rooms.''CALL THE POLICE!A MAN'S BEEN SHOT!''he shouted.he was counting on the confusion making his departure easier.a nosey man peered from a room.''lady are you ok?''john pulled his piece,aimed quickly and laughed as the man's head snapped backwards in a spray of red.nadine wanted to scream but cried instead.the exit sign blinked and sputtered from a bad wire.they took the stairs down two and three at a time.''move it nadine.''he shoved the door open triggering the alarm.''my nigga.wats good?''chase leaned on the cobra smoking a black...

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