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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

the apprentice,pt 23

the look on boone's face was no doubt priceless yet chase had grown weary of the game.the smell of burned flesh brought him out of the he walked out of the diner,he thought of how he actually missed tamika.the way she listened to him.glued to every word he said about her or the things he experienced.he wanted to see her but the timing was bad.he vowed to make time as soon as this mess was under control.he walked to the cobra and got in.he started up and peeled away from the madness.he pulled to the edge of the drive and slammed on the brakes.''you gotta be fuckin kiddin.''he got out and walked to the wallet lying open on the ground.he picked it up and a few coins dropped from the worn piece of leather.he pulled out the license.''mama get the peanuts,here's my pigeon.''he looked through the money and found a twenty with specks of blood on it.he shoved the wallet in his pocket and got back into his ride.''which way we goin boys?talk to me.''he looked up and down the street.he decided to turn left,driving away from the city.he looked into the rear view mirror watching the diner get smaller.''lets hope i'm rite about this.everybody needs a break...even fucked up morons.''he turned on the radio and drove...

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