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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

sweet surrender,pt 13

brenda's tears quickly turned to rage.''WHY THE FUCK DIDN'T YOU TELL ME?!''she yelled staring at lacey.''baby she wanted to tell you herself.i gave her that respect.believe me i wanted to shoot that bitch when she told me!''brenda looked long and hard at her friend and then fell back in the seat.''why?...why did he do it?''lacey put the sable in park.she sighed and leaned on the steering wheel.''he went over there cause she wanted a sack of weed for her and started gettin late.malik left cause he had to get up early.when donnie got there,pam asked him to smoke some with her.he took that as an invitation to do wat he wasn't all on her.''brenda closed her eyes and shook her head.''you know he always wanted her.i could see it in his eyes.just never confronted him about it.''the women sat in silence for what seemed an eternity.brenda couldn't bring herself to cry again.and now she was ashamed to go back to the funeral home.''hey,i'll take you get into your pajamas,make some hot cocoa and i'll be over later.i'll take care of the cemetary madness.''lacey put the car in gear and pulled off.being alone right now sounded good.away from the madness of her life.away from what seemed like hell...

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