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Friday, February 18, 2011

sweet surrender,pt 16

''that bread smells good.''''it's my mom's thang.use real butter and garlic.''the sound of a breaking bottle caught brenda's ear.desmond went back into the kitchen to check his meal.walking to the window,brenda peered out.her worst fear had sat on her shoulders like a giant gorilla.donnie stood outside looking up at her apartment.''I SEE YOU!LET ME UP!''he was drunk and couldn't stand up straight.''I KNOW YOU GOT SOME NIGGA UP THERE!''suddenly she went numb.she didn't dare open the window and shout back.this was her time for happiness.she wouldn't expose desmond to this.she turned away and walked towards the kitchen.''did you have a dessert planned?''she asked taking her mind off the hell outside.''i've got a sweet tooth that's drivin me wild.''she was about to get an answer,when a crash surprised them both.they ran into the room to find glass all over the floor and a rock in the middle.''dam who piss off?''desmond chuckled.he soon found out.''DON'T WALK AWAY FROM ME!COME TO THAT WINDOW!''desmond gave her a look of concern.he walked to the window and looked out.''UH BRUH...SHE BUSY.BUT COULD U GO PICK UP A BOTTLE OF WHITE WINE?!PRECIATE IT!brenda was amazed at how calm desmond reacted.she knew that would make it worse...

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