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Friday, February 18, 2011

sweet surrender,pt 14

the talk lacey gave her on the way home helped only a little.when she walked into her apartment,the sights and memories of her personal hell were still alive and well.she actually didn't care what the rest of the family thought about her not being at the cemetary.she had to make sense of pam's death.she walked into her bedroom and picked up a picture of them in happier times.mean mugging the camera at kings island.she pulled the photo to her chest,fell on her bed and heaved heavy tears of pain and sorrow.''you coulda talked to me!you coulda told me!''the words landed on the walls and bounced back empty.she knew it would've taken time for her shy sister to admit something like that,but she'd still be alive if she had.she felt her pocket vibrating.she pulled out her phone and answered without looking.''hey.haven't heard from ok?''the sweet voice of desmond caressed her ear.''hey.i...i just really haven't been in the mood.nothin personal.''''well i take not talkin to a new found friend very'd the funeral go?''brenda looked at the picture.the word funeral finalized it.''it was good.didn't go to the burial.''desmond sighed.''how bout i come make you dinner?you shouldn't be alone?''brenda smiled.''sure.''...

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