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Saturday, February 5, 2011

sweet surrender,pt 2

''i'm fuckin human,bree!don't do this to us.''brenda turned back to the window and stared out.she knew that all donnie needed was an opening.the blink of an eye,a tear,hesitation in speech.he'd find that chink in the armour and rush in for the kill.she walked away moving to the kitchen and the sanctity of succulent java.he followed her every move as she made the brew.''now i'm a dam magnet,huh?''she turned on the coffee maker and sat down.''ok tell me,donnie.since you insist on trailin me like a puppy,enlighten me on why you had to fuck my sister.''the chocolate man leaned on the island between them and put his head in his hands.since she put it in such blunt terms,he wasn't sure of how to come back.''ya see sweetie?sounds jacked up when ya hear it from another source.don't it?''''baby it's not all cut and dry as you think!we were drunk,we'll i was drunk.''brenda stared at him,arms folded and void of emotion.''so drunk means fuck the closest thing around?''she rubbed her eyes.''how do you think i felt when lacey told me?i had to hear that shit from my best friend.and she told me not ta fuck wit you!''''man,lacey don't like me anyway!she wanted to see~''''she wanted to see me HAPPY FOR ONCE!''donnie sat on the other bar stool...

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