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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

sweet surrender,pt 6

brenda didn't think sitting alone in her apartment would be the best medicine at this point in her recovery.she threw on her favorite faded applebottom's,finished getting dressed and took a trip to the mall.the sounds and smells delighted her senses and made her feel like a kid.she was window shopping when the urge for a huge,sticky cinnamon roll came over her.''fuck it,why not?''she knew she was going back on her diet but she deserved some comfort right now.she endured the whispers and catcalls as she walked to the seemed empty.she patted the service bell with no answer.she hit it again.''ok,ok.dam!wait a min~''the piece of caramel that walked into view stopped his ranting and stared at brenda.she was pleasantly surprised also.''can i help you?''brenda looked the dream up and down.his broad shoulders gracefully tapered down to a nice waist.the slight smile he flashed was adorned by a sexy mustache goatee combo.his hair faded and wavy.two earrings topped it all off.''um,can i get a sticky bun?''the man smiled.''you know that's a setup right?''brenda was slow today,but quickly recovered.''ok we'll have none of that,''she chuckled.''how sticky~um,how much drizzle you want?''she watched the man squirm and smiled...

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