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Monday, February 14, 2011

the apprentice,pt 26

''MY GOD HELP ME!''nadine screamed.john punched her in the side and shoved the gun to her throat.he pulled her close,holding her between he and chase.he pressed his face close to hers as he spoke.''no love...he's a lot of things but surely not God.''chase puffed the black and laughed.''wow sick fuck like you know God?so why do the shit you do?oh and uh,the signatures ya left?they suck.''john let loose a sadistic and low laugh.''the great chase anderson.yes i know of my circles i hear a bit of everything.i know that in this city you're the the so called shit.want somethin solved?get chase.but that makes me think of get can be prone to mistakes too.''''best believe fuck boi,the only mistake i made was not poppin you when ya came out that door.''WAT THE FUCK?!is this a reunion?!''nadine was desperate.''there,there cupcake.our boy here is just a blow hard nigger that gets to much credit for stumbling onto answers.''''wow...i like that.psycho babble101.make me angry so i'll do somethin rash...problem is,''he took one last hit of the apple black,''i flunked that class.''john laughed and licked nadine on the face.''see hot shot cops like you got a weakness.this bitch is it.''''you ever watch press your luck?''...

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