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Friday, February 4, 2011

the apprentice,pt 20

chase pulled the cobra into the diner's lot with a loud screetch.he jumped out and made his way through the growing maze of flashing lights and fbi unmarked cars.he scanned the area and found sherry.she was standing next to an ambulance.he trotted over.''bout time,''sherry quipped.''this is angela martinez.she's really weak and they gotta get her in fast.''''wat does she know?''''says it was two.a young boy and an older man.she~''angie screamed out in pain remembering what had happened.''HE TRIED!...HE TRIED TO KILL ME!''the words were muffled under the oxygen mask.''it's okay'll be fine,''sherry said calming walked closer before the emt workers pulled up the stretcher.he motioned for them to wait.'' name's chase...pretty strong woman standing up to those remember names or faces?''she turned away crying.''i feel that sweetie,''he leaned close and whispered.''but between you and me,i need to catch em and cut their nuts off for wat they did to you.''angie looked at him whith tears in her eyes.''i promise.''she bit her lip and began.''the boy's name is billy.bout 19.long stringy hair...''she looked knew she was afraid.''that's all i need.thank you.''she smiled and cried again...

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