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Friday, February 18, 2011

sweet surrender,pt 15

the sweet smell of garlic encrusted chicken with spinach and linguini tickled brenda's nose.she laid back on the sofa and day dreamed.she thought of the last time she had a good home cooked was one pam threw together one evening over the summer.they were on their seclusion from men weekend.meatloaf with fried potatoes and onions.''how do you like your garlic bread?crispy or light?''she smiled listening to desmond rattle around in the was sexy and showed he could take care of himself.''crispy.BUT NOT BURNED!''she teased.that string of words brought her chef to the door.''ok so now ya sayin i can't cook?wow.''he dried his hands on a towel and threw it over his shoulder.''ooh aren't we sensitive,''brenda said laughing and looking scared.''honestly baby it smells wonderful.did you use white wine in the sauce?''''dam!you smelled my secret.i was gonna get you drunk and be a total azz.''''i don't cook with wine but i know it burns off.''desmond smiled.''you been watchin food network,huh?''he sat down next to her and kissed her gently on the cheek.''are you ok?''she fought back lingering tears and smiled.''yeah.i'll be fine.thank u so much.''''my pleasure.never pass up a chance to spoil a woman.''...

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