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Saturday, February 19, 2011

master of the game

at first you really don't give a damn about it,but then it gets control of you.the eyes are fixed straight ahead at the object of perception.suddenly,you realize there's a blink every few seconds.not only that,but also an occasional try to minimize the actions while making sure nobody thinks you're a dunce...the eyes don't shut now and you realize you're master of the art~moisture is missing...swelling redness searching for a few drops of some size,only to be rewarded the silence of parched dryness.a friend touches your blink,strike one...answer with moist lips,strike two.the apathy is gone.

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  1. this piece is one of my early works.when i read the one stop encouragement,i decided to dig it'll be published in an anthology of my first writing.let me know wat ya think.