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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

sweet surrender,pt 4

donnie looked at her and thought of the mistakes he'd made.he knew that her mind was made up.she would listen to his apologies in the past but this time she seemed different.he was determined not to let her slip away.''brenda all i need is a lil time to~''his phone went off.brenda shook her head and sipped the hot java.''time to wat,donnie?make up your mind on if my happiness is worth givin up your bullshit and workin together?problem is BRENDA doesn't have that luxury.go make ya lil weed run.''she sat her cup down,walked to the front door and opened it.''please don't make this harder than it is,''she said choking back her sorrow.he walked to where she was standing.he looked at her as she avoided his stare.''imma do'll see...i'm sorry.''he moved to kiss her but she leaned away.''just leave...please.''he walked through the door and she quietlly closed it.she leaned against the cold wood and listened as he walked down the stairs.the show was over now.the tears began to flow in heavy streams that poured down her brown cheeks and made warm droplets on her feet.she turned the lock and slid down to the floor.her body shook from the cries of heartache that she let had to be marked her new tomorrow...

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