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Saturday, February 19, 2011

sweet surrender,pt 18

''ok you gotta be kiddin me.''''nah it's the real deal nigga.i'm here to take back wat's mine.''donnie held the gun on the couple and walked towards them.''sorry i didn't get that got some smart shit ta say now?''desmond smiled as he held brenda close.''you know this a punk move rite?wat else can you do to look bad?''''wait?me look bad?i got the gun an bout ta have my woman back!aint that rite bree?''this was the worst situation brenda could imagine.she had prayed donnie would just go away easily.that prayer came up empty.he stood there in all his glory wide eyed and crazy.the same man she used to love,now sent a cold shiver up her spine.''AINT THAT RITE BREE?!''the light brown woman walked away from desmond and stood between the two men.''i was never YOURS donnie.i was just confused and needed security.i thought you gave me that.all i had was a scared lil boy that had to rape my sister to show his never loved just wanted to control me...and that's over.''donnie looked into the focused eyes of the woman before him.he had never seen her stand strong he held the nine,her stare almost melted him and pierced his soul.''i never meant for things to go like this,''he pleaded.''i love you.''...

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