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Sunday, February 20, 2011

corner clair de lune

they had told him,as a child.that his claim to fame would be through strains of vivaldi~filtered over his love of that which was dark and devious.his parents assured the promise and he was content...until their passing.with years of guidance lost,the always easy world of play and be heard,wasted into cries of feed me...daily taunts of immeasurable pain which hugged his ego like daggers from the pit.he loved her,yet she despised him and what they had taught.she was his love now...and their offspring the catalyst.dreams were erased from the chalkboard of his desires~replaced with vulgarities for what he knew was he dons the love of his youth,pours out debussy in A minor...while strangers pay for his family's next meal.


  1. Quite the upbringing Vader had! This virtuoso obviously has a great deal of pent up emotion, which he channels into classical music. Great depth to the family dynamic in a relatively short piece. Like the title too.

  2. Solid, strattles-real-life-and-Lucas-mythos work. Strong piece.

  3. i like the debussy in A minor and agree with steve - solid and strong lines

  4. I surrendered to the notion that I could feed four of us with three - a - week gigs at Tipitina's...sadly, the two grand from my cherry red Gibson Howard Roberts only lasted six weeks, but we made it...excuse the tale, your words caught me off guard, yours being the only one I read that explored the reaities of a musician

    Peace, hp

    thank you for stopping by

  5. Ah, sad but true hun, loved the human bavkstory you provided here. Really feeling sorry for old D ;)

  6. Very well written. The deepest by far.

  7. dude wicked write...strong and deep...i like it...