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Saturday, February 12, 2011

sweet surrender,pt 9

brenda realized she was stuck.she couldn't say no to him coming or not go back to the mall.''sure...bring it over.''desmond smiled and pumped his fist.''cool!see ya in a few.imma close down now.''she wasn't crazy.she heard the anticipation in his voice as she flipped the phone shut.luckily she kept he keys in her pocket just in case that sort of thing happened.she was opening the security door when she heard the voice.''wat happened to your diet?''she turned quickly to see donnie standing behind her with a bouquet of flowers.her heart beat fast and no words formed.''baby look.i know i fucked up.i really,really understand you don't wanna see me.but i can't get you outta my mind.''''why are you here,donnie?i told you i need time.we don't work rite now.''the words made donnie sigh heavily.''just let me show you i can be wat you need.i been thinkin bout you since i left.''brenda moved inside.her emotions teased her but she had to be strong.she opened the box,got some icing on her fingers and licked it off.''was you thinkin bout me when ya dick was in pam?''that made his mood change.he slammed his fist against the glass door.''YOU TRIPPIN!''he yelled and tossed the flowers on the ground.brenda watched him leave.but for how long?...

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