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Saturday, February 5, 2011

the apprentice,pt 21

chase watched as the truck pulled away,siren blasting.''how you doin?''he asked,walking towards the entrance.''if you mean the ex,it's comin.i talk to a lawyer this week.''''well jus make sure it's wat you need not wat you want.big difference.''''it's messy in there,''she said following.the smell of burning flesh assaulted chase as he entered the diner.''take a look in the kitchen.''he gave sherry a crooked look and moved around the counter.the sight almost got to him.the owner's head was horribly burned.almost a pile of black and pink goo.the body still lay beside the stove and was in a huge pool of blood.''not your average minor league shit.this is big time.''''yeah.i got here before the place burned down.few more minutes and the grill would've went up.''chase moved around the kitchen looking at the body and surrounding area.''whoever did this was angry.but the head is just for show.''''why not the whole body on the grill?''chase continued his search.''because our girl did this.''he picked up a plastic tag,with angie's name on it,and sat it on the edge of the stove.''not on her own,''he continued.''she was forced into it.didn't wanna die.''one more slow scan and he saw it.another piece of metal glimmered under the stove...

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