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Sunday, February 20, 2011

sweet surrender,pt 21

desmond sat looking at brenda as she quietly slept.the hospital room was dim and silent.he didn't know how much he cared until yesterday.the donation he made to help bury pam was something he had to do.a feeling that didn't leave.seeing her wounded helped him realize this woman had to stay in his life.he'd never cried like he did last night.''sir,would you like something to drink?''he looked towards the voice.a young nurse smiled at him.''um,no thank you.''''you've been here all morning.just thought i'd ask.''she walked away and his attention was back on brenda.she slowly opened her eyes.she tried to talk but her mouth was dry and stiff.''hey ya feelin?''she managed a smile.he moved to her and softly kissed her forehead.''you rest.i'll be right back.he found the nurse that had came to brenda's room.''excuse me,is there a donnie hogan here?''she checked her computer screen.''i'm sorry sir,he passed this mornin.are you a relative?he's had no visitors.''''no just an old school friend.thanx.''he walked back to brenda's room.she was sitting up.''hey baby.wher'd you go?''''oh jus check'd something.hey do you believe in destiny?''he pulled out a ring box and opened it.''if not,it's time to start.''FIN

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