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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

sweet surrender,pt 7

brenda watched the man as he prepared the roll.he took glances at her as he poured the hot icing.her curiousty finally made her question him.''so,mr.sticky bun man,why you hangin out at a cinnabon?''that drew another smile from him.''this is my weekend gig.i'm a screen printer thru the week,''he closed the box lid.''and yes i make good change at my job.i wanna save up for a real vacation.''brenda reached for her purse.''no.this one's on me.''he said putting up a hand.''this won't make you stalk me will it?''brenda asked with a fake look of concern.''only if you want me to.didn't get your name.''she picked up the box.''brenda.and you are?''desmond.but please call me peoples were truly on crack when they named me.''they shared a laugh.''don't see you around work weekends?''that feeling was back.a quick jab to the gut that brought her back to earth.most of her weekends had been spent with donnie.this was all new and frightening.''no.i,um...i have to be goin.''the sudden change shook desmond.''hey did i say somethin wrong?''''thanx for the roll.''she turned and found herself actually trotting away from the kiosk.away from the sexy smile and smooth skin.away from another man.she felt her eyes fill with tears...

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