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Saturday, February 5, 2011

sweet surrender

brenda looked out her bedroom window at the falling leaves of autumn.the subtle hints of red,orange and yellow calmed her nerves and seemed to help take her mind off the situation at hand.''so wat you sayin is that you want me out of your life?''she heard the words repeated to her and she was sure of what they meant.that wasn't the case with donnie.''baby that's kinda harsh,don't cha think?''she tossed the words around in her head.yes it was harsh,but necessary if she wanted to move on with her life.the time she spent with him had become a big series of unfortunate events that he always seemed to slither out of with cunning and grace.she turned to him and looked into the soft brown eyes that had hooked her.she fought back tears as she let her hand touch the face which made her melt.the lips that gave her screaming was time.''donnie,wat you did was wrong.i really can't blame it all on you,but it has to start somewhere.maybe i gave you to much power over me...i have to start over.''''so you can just throw wat we have away?just pack it up neatly and make believe we don't belong together?''brenda smiled and breathed deeply.''you gave us up, made the choice to do wat you did.not me.''...

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