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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

the apprentice,pt 19

''bitches,''he thought.he saw the woman when they had checked in.she had looked he and billy over sizing them up.this was her time to act.''sure sweetie,''he cooed and opened the door.''pretty girl like you needs to be with somebody.why are you alone at a motel?''''i'm not alone.i'm with you now.watcha hidin under that towel?''john looked up and down the hall before he closed the door.'' saw your mark and made your move.''she walked to the bed and sat down.''i don't bullshit.i'll fuck both of you for $500.take it or leave it.''john smiled at the boldness of the woman.he walked over to her and held her head up.''wat's your name love?''she was about to undo his towel.''nadine.''he stopped her.''nice strong country born here in the city?''they heard the water stop in the bathroom.billy walked out.''no i was born in dam slow there.''''now this wat i'm TALKIN BOUT!''billy was jerking on his dick as he yelled.''he's cute.''''then we'll take it,''john said moving to a chair.''fuck him and i'll watch.make sure you're worth the money.''''i knew you was a freak!''billy said shoving his dick down nadine's throat.john smiled as he stroked his wood.''i may be a freak to you.but i'm in control.enjoy.''...

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