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Sunday, February 20, 2011

sweet surrender,pt 20

''YOU PIECE A SHIT!''donnie stood and tried to kick desmond but the man sprung up and blocked the attempt.he grabbed donnie and pinned him against the island.''you a bitch,''he whispered in his ear.''just leave while you can!''donnie laughed.''sorry dawg,not in my nature.''a quick head butt made desmond back up.donnie reached for the gun and a shot went off.he looked down to see blood ooze from his side.he reached again and once more a bullet hit his arm.he looked towards a wall and saw brenda,slumped and breathing hard.a stain of red covered her chest.he looked towards the door to see lacey holding a .45 at him.''reach again and you die bitch,''she said with anger and focus.''i want you to.''donnie smiled his winning grin.he looked back at desmond and then at lacey.''you better kill me.cause if you don't,i'll make your world hell on earth.''''and if i shoot yo azz now you can see it first hand.your choice.''he looked at desmond who was ready to pounce.''you want her?keep that hoe.''he stretched for the gun.a single shot from lacey caught him in the neck and he fell against the sink.desmond ran to brenda and held her in his arms.sirens sounded in the distance.''hold on baby.hold on for me.''he wept as he rocked her...

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