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Saturday, February 12, 2011

sweet surrender,pt 8

a brisk autumn wind blew and swirled leaves around brenda as she walked towards home.she was angry that her emotions made her unstable.she was beginning to worry that the damage donnie had inflicted was deeper than she realized.''get a grip,''she thought aloud.''he was a dog and you sent him with his tail between his deserve better.''even though she said the words,believing was much harder.she looked at the cinnabon box in her hand.desmond seemed nice.she was ashamed that someone out of her life caused such a bad impression.she was more than halfway home when her phone sang was the regular tone.she pulled it out and looked at the screen.''who the hell?hello?''''hey are you missin somethin?''the voice sounded familiar yet still unknown.''look,kick rocks nigga if you on them games!don't have the time ta~''''wait!it's me,dez.''''how you get my number?you a stalker!?please don't be that.''''wow you really need ta calm left your purse on the counter.i took a chance that your number would be on something.''that's when she noticed her shoulder was bare.she had to leave it when she dashed out.another donnie disaster.''the kiosk is open another can come back or i can bring it and take you out.''...

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