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Saturday, February 5, 2011

sweet surrender,pt 3

''wat happened to second chances?''that was a laugh.brenda couldn't believe this man sat next to her and had the nerve to talk about forgiveness.she had overlooked so many of his transgressions she'd lost count.yet here he was with those soft brown eyes looking for ball four.''donnie this isn't a life isn't a revolving door that turns only for you.i have needs that go beyond a wet pussy.''he tried to hold her hand and she moved away.the coffee was ready and she got a cup from the dishwasher.''can we start fresh,baby.i'll make it rite.i'll even get a job.''his voice was sincere.but this is what always got her.that shred of hope.''no.this is it, crossed the line...and i don't think you can change.''''man look,fuck the corner.i won't do it.i'll get a 9 ta 5 gig and make us that wat you want?''the thug is what actually turned her on about him.but it all went wrong.lacey had warned her but all she saw was sexy,cocoa donnie.'' don't even know what i want.''she poured a cup of coffee,put in her sugar and cream and walked to the bedroom.she felt him follow her.they both sat on the edge of the bed.''i'm gonna take a shower,''she said sipping her brew.''when i come out you need to be gone.''...

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