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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

sweet surrender,pt 12

''i'm sorry,''donnie said as he rose to leave.''you're rite.i'll never be the same in your eyes.i wish i could turn it all around an make it rite.''brenda stood looking at the man she used to worship.all she felt at this moment was disdain.she watched him walk out and hoped it would be the last time she saw him.all eyes and ears were on lacey and brenda.''anybody got a dam video phone?!take it all down!none of you know why she layin there dead!that bitch you saw leave is the one that killed her!''''bree,come on baby.''''no!all these phony ass family members.half of em didn't even know where we lived!''she snatched away from lacey and ran from the parlor.a cold breeze blew against her face and chilled the tears that streamed.she walked and ran then ran some more.the image of pam lying on her sofa lifeless wouldn't leave.what could she have had to tell her.the sound of a car,pulling up beside her,broke her thought.''girl get in,''lacey called out.''it's gettin cold and we need to talk.''brenda stopped,gave her friend a cold stare and walked to the car.she got in and stared ahead.''this is gonna be hard,''lacey started.''but donnie raped pam.that's why she came to you.''brenda looked at lacey and broke into tears...

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