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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

the apprentice,pt 24

john grew tired of watching the woman slurp down billy's dick.he stood,grabbed his clothes and put them on.he sat back down but pulled the gun from his pocket.''is it good,william?''the boy was to wound up in his mounting climax.''let's cut this shit short.''he cocked the gun.that sound got nadine's attention.she opened her eyes and pulled back off the meat in front of her.''DAM WAT THE~''billy went quiet at the sight of the .45 pointed at them.''time for work,don't cha think?''john said smiling.''pay the woman and get her out of here.''billy ran to his pants and went through the pockets.''where...where the fuck is my wallet?''''wats that?speak up,william.''the young man went through his pockets again.his mind raced.''exactly,''john said shaking his head.''you fuck-king idiot!what do you think you where doin?''billy looked confused.''cut the shit son!you been leavin coins at each site like you're a big time artist.that's gonna get us tracked...and get you dead.''''john i...i jus got bored and wanted to make it know.''''like the bullshit you see in the movies?leave momentos to say you were there?''silence.''bullshit billy.''john raised the weapon and fired.billy's head popped like an over ripe grapefruit...

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