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Monday, February 14, 2011

sweet surrender,pt 11

the organ played low,the choir hummed and the preacher pulled heart strings.lacey sat next to brenda and held her close.the week before the funeral had been pure chaos.if not for a last minute donation to the funeral home,the whole effort would've been a disaster.lacey was worried about her friend.she was so busy making things work that she hadn't had time to cry.''why is he preachin so long?he didn't even like pam like that.we ain't been to church since we were kids.''''it'll be over soon.he just want her to have a nice homegoin.''''i'm tired.i want this over.''brenda looked around at all the people she hadn't seen in years.none made her top ten list.she sighed and let her eyes scan the parlor sanctuary.her body tensed up as she spotted donnie in a back pew.''excuse me,''she said pulling away from lacey and squeezing down the row.she was halfway to donnie when lacey saw him.''shit.''she whispered and moved to follow her.''WAT THE HELL YOU DOIN HERE?!COME TO FUCK HER ONE LAST TIME?!''''BRENDA!calm down!''lacey tried to urge.she grabbed her by the arm but she snatched away.''bree don't do this here.i came to~''''give your respect?nigga the only respect you got is fa them streets!get out!how dare you shit on this!''...

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