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Saturday, February 26, 2011

calypso breeze

her brown skin~perfected and tanned by the heat of a golden glow~dances and twirls to the sounds of calypso in her mind...she loves to move.i watch and smile while thoughts of,lascivious deeds,drown my manhood with elongated dreams of rapture..she has traveled far,this dominican princess.her life has been an adventure filled rollercoaster~you need to be this high to ride.failures and moments of success have melded into the beautiful portrait she has become...she dances and dreams...her smile,bright and inviting,tell her story.she gives...she gives.yet there is no one to return the gesture.her heart pounds love and contentment for all that she adores,while the soul of a mother weeps to be heard.compassionate,erotic and pure.all and more adorn the character she wears.she twirls...and forgets the pain which surrounds her heart.steel drums mimic the pulse of a life still evolving.she is urban now~wishing for the smell of salt water and coconut palms...she gives,and cries...will anyone return the gesture?

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