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Friday, February 18, 2011

sweet surrender,pt 17

brenda was shocked at how calm desmond seemed.she got a broom and dust pan.sweeping up the glass she smiled as she thought about dumping it out the window.she settled for the trash can.''you ready to eat lady?''''i'm starving!hope it's as good as it smells.''desmond pulled a couple plates from the cabinet.''hey i'm good at wat i do.''brenda washed her hands in the sink and sat down at the island.''is that anything,or certain things?''she asked with a sly grin.''ma'm i cover the point spread e'r time.always bet on dez.''he put the pasta on each plate.he was about to go for the next pan when brenda reached out and pulled him back.they looked deeply at each other.he put the pot down and pulled brenda close.their lips met in a kiss that meant more than the first.his hand found the small of her back sending a current of electric up her spine.she held his shoulders and escaped in the musk of his being.he kissed her neck and she felt her emotions melt away.he cupped her face.''as much as i want you,this can wait.''she looked into his soft brown eyes.''wat if i don't want it to?''with that phrase,three shots went off.the door was kicked in.''YEAH FOOL!WAT IF I WANT YOU TA DIE?!''the two stood in shock as donnie closed the door...

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