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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

sweet surrender,pt 5

brenda decided a bath would calm her nerves.she gathered candles,an oil burner and put on some music.she grabbed her phone,put it next to the tub and eased into the hot silky water.she had used some mr.bubble and the the results were huge.she hadn't done that since forever.the vanilla bean aroma and smooth sounds of maxwell helped her eyes close and mind wander.just then,guccimane interrupted her thoughts.she looked at her phone.lacey.she dried her hand and answered.''is he gone,girl?''lacey was always right to the chaser.''yeah.bout half an hour ago.''''how you feelin?''brenda paused and listened to the music.''it hurts SO bad...maybe i did the wrong thing.people change,lacey.''''but people change for them not can't force a tiger to change those stripes.they use 'em to hide.donnie was a predator.he used you because he saw that weakness.''''but not all the time.we had our moments.when it was good it was dam good.''silence.''look don't start the rationalize phase.all you'll wanna do is think of shit to get him back in ya bed!own sad for a deserve it.don't feel like you jus gotta have him in your life.he fucked up.not you.i hear that dam maxwell,so finish your bath and call me back.''...

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