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Sunday, February 27, 2011

clik clak,clik mack

he leaned forward,head in hand,and thought of their last was a succulent leg of lamb~ which caused hunger pangs to ring out from his belly.he smiled and plunked out how he adored their time together~nothing else mattered when they made the sun stand still...the rusty royale rambled on as repressed love languished in his was a dream come true,the whirlwind romance they shared.falling into emotional fornication was never as fun.the nights entwined,the way their kisses transported souls on high...tap,tap,tap~it would be his way of showing how much he little the stares and whispers meant.tap,tap,tap~his mind was given unconditionally and his body followed suit.never had he dared to believe the liaison would lead to an entanglement of tender favors...his parents would never understand~neither would mack's.the noose fit just right.he closed his eyes on keys drenched in tears. poetry prompt courtesy of jackAZ photography


  1. Oo did'nt see that coming! Nice 55 x

  2. Oh snap! That was really good, Wurdz. I have to say I think the way the text is spread out in paragraph form might have an even greater impact if it were aligned left and presented as each idea per line. Totally up to you, but maybe it would make the ideas and the parts with the sound effects really stand out. Just my 2 cents. As far as the actual content goes, good stuff.

  3. thanx dustus!always honored.i've thought about changing formats.thats the way its structured in my notebook, i feel ya on the alignment.the novel will definitely be artistic.

  4. have defined it here

    Peace, hp

    stop by

  5. lord, nice twist man...all too real...

  6. Bustling with energy, excellent end-twist.

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  8. "nothing else mattered when they made the sun stand still"
    Powerful! Excellent story you've composed, thank you for sharing it!