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Saturday, February 5, 2011

ravine hill,pt 14

he heard strains of an old church hymn in the seemed eerie and surreal the way it punched at the chanting of the children.''pay no attention to that shit baby.fuck your wife and settle into your future.''leon felt his dick grow and his mind giving in to the sordid thoughts the voice put into play.''you're not ann.''''i'm ann in every way lover.i know you like me ridin that fat cock of yours.only she knows that...give it to me husband.''the children sang.the church song loomed in the distance.he heard his daughter brenda,her voice sweet and strong,calling out to him.''i like it,daddy.let's do it.''he looked at the hollow eyes and needle fangs of his wife.''this is our house.i feel it baby.we can do so much.''he turned his head and saw the mortician standing in a corner.his rubber gloves and leather apron covered in dirt and blood.he held an embalming rod that was connected to his mouth with a yellow rubber tube.''JESUS NOOO!''leon yelled in fear.he looked down at the pen in his hand.''wats wrong mr.douglas?just sign the agreement and the house is yours.''the realtor's hand rested on his shoulder.he looked at ann and brenda.''i think we'll keep looking ms.jones,''he said dropping the pen.''we'll keep lookin.''FIN

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