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Monday, February 14, 2011

the apprentice,pt 27

chase reached to his side pulling his nine.''WAT DA FUCK IS WRONG WIT YOU?!''he aimed at nadine and pulled the trigger.the shot hit her in the side sending a spray of blood onto john.she looked at him in horror and surprise.''NO!this isn't how it works!''john yelled.''game show from the late eighties,''chase replied,watching nadine slide down john's leg.''no whammy's...that bitch don't mean shit to're the one makin my dick hard,lover.''he winked at the suprised man.john made a move to fire at chase.he dove to his left over the hood of the cobra feeling the bullet whiz past his ear.he returned two shots hitting john in the chest and arm.the latter causing him to drop the weapon and fall walked over to him.he watched as the blood seeped from his wounds and mouth.''dam you fucked up huh my nigga.all because of a shithead young boy you trusted...was it worth it?''john smiled up at chase.''my type work will live kill me another...will replace me.''chase laughed.''don't give a fuck.i got you.''nadine moaned and rolled onto her side.''just relax.sorry bout's comin,''chase assured her.his phone rang.''speak.''''got that info,''sherry said.''somebody scrubbed their fingertips.nothin there.''FIN

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