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Saturday, February 5, 2011

ravine hill,pt 13

''gladly...''the voice said.leon ran down the stairs as quickly as he could.the pain in his leg was real even if the mouth hadn't stabbed at his brain along with the decision of what to do.he heard the thing that used to be his wife hit the floor was on the stairs and dragging it's rotting form closer to him.he slipped on an eyeball and fell the rest of the way down.''FUUUCK!''he heard a dull pop as he rolled to a stop at the bottom.a warm sensation filled his thigh and he knew he'd pulled a an instant,ann was on top of him.''be with me lover.''the voice said seductively and low.''show me how much you BELIEVE.''her mouth opened and spread all the way back to her ears.the needle sharp fangs dripped with thick ran down the lip and throat of her deformed body.leon couldn't move as the spit fell onto his face.''make love to me in our new home,husband.fuck me good!make me know you want it!''''NOOO!LEAVE HER!HAVEN'T YOU DONE ENOUGH?!''the beast leaned down and bit leon on the shoulder.the teeth felt like individual daggers all injecting hot,searing pain into his soft flesh.''this is our life.our destiny.let the hill take us.brenda is waiting.''leon struggled as he heard more voices...

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