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Saturday, February 19, 2011

sweet surrender,pt 19

''so i'm supposed to just jump into your arms and take you back?really?''donnie gave a half hearted nod.desmond chuckled beneath his breath.the pan was starting to smoke.''wow.hey can i get this chicken off the stove?i mean since you the man in charge,you gotta realize this is gonna catch on fire.''''donnie let this go.i don't love you anymore.all i feel is pity and anger.we can't build on that.''now he was confused.''bruh,can i get this food off the stove?''''you know you holdin us hostage rite?''brenda reminded him.''JUS SHUT UP!BOTH YA'LL!''he pushed past brenda,headed for the stove.the two of them talking at once was giving him a headache.all he wanted was the love he once had.he grabbed the handle of the pan.that's when desmond acted.he kicked the gun from donnie's landed on the kitchen island and went off.donnie swung the blazing hot pan at desmond,emptying the searing food on him.the shock stopped him for a moment then he felt a kick to his he fell,donnie clenched his fists and hit him in the back.''FUCK U!''he turned to reach for the gun but desmond tripped him.he hit his head on the side of the island and fell on his back.desmond crawled atop him but was tossed off like a rag doll...

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