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Saturday, February 5, 2011

the apprentice,pt 22

chase pulled out the small plastic bag again.''am i the only one that sees the incompetence of chow's crew?''he put the silver piece in the bag and handed it to sherry.''prints.i need em fast,like up to it?''sherry rolled her eyes.''of course.i'm not a fragile little toy.'''' me when you get somethin.''he winked and was on his way.his mind raced thinking of the possible reasons the evidence was left in places so obvious yet not picked up.''chase.''he turned to the voice.boone was walking towards him.he wasn't in the mood and this wasn't the time.he needed to think.drama was the last thing on the wish list.''anderson...just wanna know.''it was a sad,pathetic excuse for an wasn't going to make it easy.''c'mon boy you can do it.''he held his hand up as if holding a treat.''you want a beggin strip?''boone took a stance but thought about it.''you'll always be a smart azz,huh?''''much better than a dumb azz.look i know you mean well.apology accepted.that better?but rite now i need to focus on this shit at hand.''boone smirked and shook his head.''we'll talk.go do you.''''funny phrase.that's all i can be.''chase walked away looking at the scene.''oh,tell tamika i said hey.''...

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