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Thursday, January 13, 2011

seduction at too am

the moonlight dances on your heaving chest...intoxicating.i breathe in the jasmine and honey which flows from your skin and drift into...ecstasy.the warmth of our touch is the high which i've waited heart races with anticipation as i control your breathing and grip the sheets while i taste the nectar of your love...drip,drip it goes~making you curl your toes.shivers make your body quake and spasm.the thickness of your thighs embrace me and beckon with overtones of milk chocolate and cream...i listen as wet moans slip across lips of spun libido soars to wavering heights as we fandango and move to the music of our yearning~burns and grows.the heat of your moment pulls me closer as i await the sweetness that will cover my face.we turn...i massage your back while watching myself disappear inside sing an alto song of release as i harmonize...the duet is finished~yet this is an opera in three parts.

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  1. U already know that your my favorite writer..but I love how when Im reading im drawn eyes are focused on the words but my mind wonders else where...I can feel the lust, the intensity, the passion...