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Sunday, August 24, 2014

fear of a black planet or the real america?

What’s happening in Ferguson isn’t new.

If you’re black and living in this land of the free called America, you’ve been programmed to accept the madness. There is a fear that resonates through America. It's a manufactured fear that all black men should be watched closely. The problem isn't in the people. There's a deliberate glitch in the system. We are ALL brainwashed to react a certain way. The value of an African American life is no less than any other. Yet when viewed through the media lens, we don't mean shit.

What about MY fear as a black man? Will a fed up police officer, having a bad day, use me as target practice? Will other people, who embrace violence, lash out at me for being an undesirable color? The challenges of being Black in America are REAL. If you're not a rapper, athlete or actor with cash, your life is worthless. Those are the attributes necessary to survive and function in the post racial United States of America. If you come up lacking in any of these areas, you’re automatically labeled a thug. People want to see you eradicated for the vermin that you are. You’re an uneducated piece of crap that needs to be shipped back to Africa. The next time you hear that insanity, take the offer. Politely ask the idiot to fund your trip back! People are going to say and believe what they want. What’s the bottom line? Being black in America puts a target on your back.

There’s a resounding sadness that comes with viewing another incident like this. Each time it happens, the level of acceptance grows. Each time an African American body lies cold in the street, the disrespect of the individual begins immediately. No longer is there a time for grieving and asking of questions. There is the rush to guilt factor. Obviously there has to be some kind of crime committed because the person shot to death…was black.

No. I’m not going to write a glowing epitaph for Mike Brown. I’m not going to call him a hero, like so many are doing for Darren Wilson. What I will say is that none of us are perfect. I woke up hating my boss for lying to me. I didn’t pray, when I was supposed to. Instead of eating a balanced breakfast, I scarfed down half a bag of potato chips. Hell, I even had a few lurid thoughts about sex! Does that mean I need to be gunned down?

We have become so insecure and obsessed with race, right has become wrong and wrong has become the norm. We no longer see each other as equals, until proven different. If there’s black and white, there has to be a problem. Unfortunately, the aftermath is overwhelmingly death.

We will never be understood or respected, until the deliberate brainwashing of this nation is addressed! There will be more lies spread to discredit and insult the integrity of the African American race. People are afraid of what they don’t understand. The first instinct is to kill it. That means there will be no need to waste time trying to justify acceptance.

When attacked by an angry mob, John Merrick, aka The Elephant Man, cried out, “…I am not an animal! I am a man!” Have we come so far, as a so called nation, that we ignore the pleas of the downtrodden and shove their rights under the rug? Better yet, has that rug been replaced by bloody sheets? Are we going to see water cannons and dogs unleashed, as people simply ask to be treated with dignity?

A tad over 500 miles away from Ferguson, monuments stand in Birmingham’s Kelly Ingram Park, reminding of the fight for equality and understanding. The horror, brutality and racist acts, which where committed, happened 50 years ago.

To anyone oblivious to what took place, it might as well have been yesterday. For anyone who thought they were living in a post racial utopia, it’s time to wake up.

No. This is not new. Google "1960's riots" and you'll discover horrible, disturbing photos that could describe tensions today. Reality is a hard pill to swallow…especially when it’s being served with a glass full of bullshit.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

ferguson blues

have become the norm
in the midst
of a storm
that can no longer
be kept quiet. 
body counts rise, 
while lady liberty 
closes her eyes. 
heart wrenching cries 
from mothers 
burying children too soon, 
as hecklers loom 
and the reaper swoons. 
"education is the key," 
society screams, 
as obviously being black 
makes one 
an uneducated goon. 
double standards 
are tossed about like candy, 
while the humanity 
and clarity 
are lost in translation, 
regurgitated as bile 
flung upon a garbage pile. 
...while in the middle, 
innocence sheds tears 
which crystallize 
on hearts made of stone... 
is nothing more 
than an excuse to execute, 
where are the black cats 
who wore berets 
back in the day? 
zoot suit wearing zombie, 
with slicked back hair, 
showing up everywhere 
where is thou faith?! 
once in the cross hairs, 
the media is there, 
dirty laundry is aired, 
sensationalism is their only care... 
and that's what dead niggers bring. 
sit in church and sing 
because freedom 
won't ring 
from the mountain tops. 
while blood flows, 
insensitivity grows 
making black skin 
a sin... 
and willie lynch 
will prevail again. 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

controlled insanity according to..

lightening fast

delivered with ease,
snaking their way
inside unsuspecting
like an overdose
of valiums.
not to be confused
with boring,
which induces snoring,
there was no time
to blink
when he was in sync
and in his element,
rising to the occasion.
drama to bring tears,
thrilling renditions
to kindle fears.
the scope 
of talent 
was amazing
and bordered
on breathtaking.
add was transformed
into a triumphant
of hodgepodge antics
which altered
the world of funny men.
he was the new standard,
follow or be lost
in an imaginary toke
and puff 
that was never needed.
did he roll out of bed,
with comedy rolling
from his tongue,
or was it a grand 
cover up
for the demons
which heckled
and mocked 
at every turn?
the world loves laughter...
but does that humor
pull itself
from the dark 
which torture
and possesses 
that which struggles
to be free?
a soul in turmoil
yet willing
to share joy
with a deranged world.
you don't have to erase
the experience
from our minds.
we were thoroughly
enthralled by all
your extraterrestrial
this is not goodbye,
it's na-nu na-nu,
because there's still
so much to learn.